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Power Transformers in Service

The results of the analyzes of dissolved gases in oil (chromatographies) and of the physicochemical analyzes of the two transformers in terms of gas evolution and equipment conditions were satisfactory.

The thermographic inspections were performed with a high resolution thermal imager, and the analysis of the results showed temperatures within the normal range.

The analysis of the results of tests of detection of partial discharges by the method of acoustic emission indicated that: in the transformer T2 there is no evidence of DPs; in the T1 transformer there is considerable evidence of DPs in the period of greater loading of the cycle, associating the load point of the transformer to the increase of the DPs, recommending a greater follow-up of this T1 T2 Chromatograph.


Booking equipment

The fragility of a technique, in one respect, is compensated by the sensitivity of another. The thermal imaging technique, for example, allows you to locate points with abnormal rises in temperature – as in bushings connectors – but only externally to the equipment, so very limited with regard to defects or failures of internal transformers.

The technique of analysis of dissolved gases in insulating oil (AGD), which, although consecrated and efficient, presents low sensitivity for partial discharges and does not allow to locate incipient faults inside the transformers.



Induction and Self Induction

It is worth emphasizing that an electric current capable of driving in a conductor has the capacity to generate an associated magnetic field which, since it causes the derivative effect, can induce in the conductor a current of opposite direction to that of the beginning. Thus, this concept is called self-induction, and the relationship between the magnetic field and the current induced by it is given by a coefficient called inductance, which varies according to the physical and geometrical characteristics of the conductive material.                 Gates Rubber BP40

Thus, the unit of measure of induction is Henry, which is defined as the magnitude provoked between two circuits so that when in one of them the intensity varies in one amp per second, in the other one is induced a kind of electromotive force of one volt.

This variation can be instantaneously interrupted the moment the magnet is immobilized, acquiring a sign opposite to being moved away. It can then be deduced that magnetic fields generate electric currents in a circuit, and the direction of their flux tends to compensate for the external movement, with the simultaneous induction of a magnetic field opposite to the initial one.


Fases da Empresa

apartamentos para comprar em sorocaba

Um ciclo de vida é um exemplo que garante a análise e compreensão dos processos que compõem a concretização de um empreendimento. Como modelo, permite considerar a interação da imobiliária com o seu mercado, facilitando as ações para melhor atendê-lo.

No caso do empreendimento imobiliário, algumas características o diferem de outros produtos industriais, começando pela longa duração de seu ciclo de trabalho. Junte-se a este aspecto o fato de que, durante as suas várias etapas, vários agentes estão envolvidos no empreendimento imobiliário que pode ser subdividido nas seguintes fases: concepção, execução, e uso, operação e manutenção.

Na concepção, são feitos levantamentos de dados e necessidades, estudos de viabilidade técnica, legal e econômica, desenvolvimento preliminar, anteprojeto, projeto legal, memorial de incorporação, convenção de condomínio e regimento interno, projeto básico e projeto executivo.

Durante a execução são feitas as contratações e aquisições, a construção dos apartamentos a venda em sorocaba, montagem e o comissionamento.  Após o registro ve a fase de execução, e acontece o processo de comercialização do empreendimento por parte da imobiliária.

A partir da entrega do empreendimento ele passa para a fase de uso, operação e manutenção. Um empreendimento é o resultado do trabalho integrado de imobiliárias e profissionais envolvidos na sua realização.


The Transformers Faults

The power transformer shutdowns were evaluated according to existing and reliable data and it was often not possible to present information such as trend observation and prediction of future failures in the equipment due to the lack of information that also covered the system conditions.     D9375 OLPBW

It is necessary to evaluate the variables from the point of view of the system, such as:

– the operating conditions imposed on the equipment, for example: presence of harmonics; overload; overexcitions.

– seasonality;

– efficiency of the equipment protection system (circuit breakers, relays, fuses), obsolescence;

– environmental conditions: temperature, humidity, pollution, solar incidence, in addition to other degrading agents of the equipment;

– atmosferic discharges.

It should be remembered that the focus is not the system in which it is inserted and that the term transformers is used to designate both autotransformers and transformers, being a generic expression. The parts that make up the power transformers were divided into blocks and sub-blocks, aiming at the better identification and characterization of faults and defects found in power transformers.

The general information that involves troubleshooting is:

– power transformer: history, definition and importance;

– faults and defects in power transformers;

– maintenance on power transformers;

– predictive techniques.



Lifting and Displacement

It is important that moments before the start of any hoisting procedure, it is necessary to ensure that the eye bolts are correctly fixed, screwed properly and with their base in contact with the surface that is desired to hoist. It is necessary that the machine operator make sure that the device applied in the process of displacement, as well as its dimensions are correct to the size of the eye and also of the mass of the engine.

In cases of horizontal machines having only one hoisting eye, the maximum angle resulting during the entire hoisting process shall never exceed 30 ° from the vertical axis. Horizontal motors with two or more lifting lugs, all existing lugs, need to be used at the same time in the hoisting process.    ORC2SCRLP19P31

The provisions for existing vertical and inclined eyebolts are engines with vertical eyebolts, in which the resulting maximum angle shall be 45 ° to the vertical axis. The use of a separator bar is desirable so that the lifting element of the chain or cable can be kept on the vertical axis, thus avoiding damage to the motor surface.


The Direct Match

The starting of the electric motor is done without load, factor that can reduce admirably the time of the starting current, diminishing the effects on the feeding system. Because of the starting system in which the electric motor receives in its terminals, an intense tension occurs at the moment of departure.

The squirrel-cage rotor electric motor essentially starts at full load and with the current being able to increase by an average of four to eight times the nominal current, varying according to the type and number of poles.

The torque at the start must reach the same speed as the rated torque.      3150-14mgt-115 gates rubber

Direct starting is considered to be the simplest starting method, where no special motor drive elements are used and only contactors, circuit breakers or switch switches are used which ensure the supply of the motor with full voltage at the time of starting.

The motors can start directly from the mains if conditions are favorable, such as the rated capacity of the mains being satisfactorily high, making the motor starting current irrelevant; the starting current of the motor is of low value because its power is very amortized.




The Stops and Departures of Engines

It is necessary to verify that very long starts need to be prevented, since they can happen in cases that the motor torque is slightly higher than the resistant torque. The overcurrent current consumed at the instant when the rated speed is not achieved can cause a risky rise in engine temperature. In the same way, counter-current braking, performed by inverting the motor, can cost the equivalent of three starts.       baldor NM3454/35

Regardless of the situation, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the starting torque is acceptable by choosing a correct motor, verifying if the power line has characteristics necessary to restrict the voltage drop at the start, keeping the load attached to the motor under correct operating conditions, so that it does not have an abnormal resistant torque.

If the process is industrial, it is necessary to start frequently, this specification needs to be anticipated in the design of the equipment, and the engine must be properly skilled so that it can operate in this way. However, in the face of the regulators of some motors, it may be necessary to make numerous starts in a relatively short time, not ensuring that the motor cools down properly.


The Main Electric Motors

It is important to highlight that the most common electric motors to be acquired in factories and industries are the alternating current and the direct current. DC motors have a higher cost because they need a direct current source or a specific device that is capable of converting the common AC to DC.

Generally, this type of motor can operate with adjustable speeds between wide limits, giving to controls of high flexibility and precision. In this way, its use restricts to specific cases in which these requirements can compensate the high cost of the installation, or in case the power used is continuous.

AC electric motors are the most sought after, considering that the distribution of electric power is usually done in alternating current. Its main concept of operation is based on a rotating field, which is caused at the moment when a three-phase alternating current system is applied at physically lagged poles of approximately 120º. Therefore, because the currents are lagged at 120º electrical, each pair of poles will have a field of higher intensity, provoking the vectorial association of this effect in the rotating field.



Degradation of Insulators

The resistance of an insulator can be greatly reduced if the motor overheats. Among the main factors of insulation degradation are line overvoltage, current overcurrent in the starters, accumulation of dust and small particles, forming conductive bridges, attack by acid vapors or by gases entrained by ventilation.

It is necessary to install the motors in salubrious places, check any smoke signals and analyze the insulation conditions periodically. We must also equip the motors with alarm devices and protection against short circuits, take care of the noise and vibrations inopportune, observe signs of overheating, noting the temperatures periodically during the operation.    Boston Gear CR6

It is necessary to always analyze the balance of currents in the three phases, verifying if the frequency calculated for the motor is equal to the frequency of the mains.

To prevent degradation of these insulators, it is recommended that some measures be taken. Some of them are to provide power boards with correct protection components and commands and to periodically analyze their performance.

It is necessary to use the stopping moments of the motors to clean the winding coils. If necessary, filters should be installed in the ventilation systems of the motors, performing the proper maintenance.


The DC Motor

The direct current machine is basically in a machine that has as main use to transform the mechanical energy into electrical energy, as generator, or electrical energy in mechanics, as motor. The electric power currently distributed in the grid is alternating current, however, DC motors according to tradition, have very significant applications in industries, and they are the ones that guarantee the speed change.

The DC motor is made of rotor, commutator ring, stator and brushes. The rotor is the movable part, mounted on the axis of the machine, made of a ferromagnetic material wrapped in the armature winding and switch ring.     reelcraft B5450 OLP

The commutator ring is responsible for making the appropriate change of direction of the currents that circulate in the armature winding. The stator is the static part of the machine, mounted around the rotor. And the brushes consist of pieces of graphite that are responsible for driving energy into the rotor circuit.

Nowadays, AC voltage electronic devices are already able to control the speed of the asynchronous electric motor in a simple way, and because of their low cost and application features, they end up supplying DC motors in most applications.



Bimetallic Relief

The bimetallic overload relay is designed in elements from the principle of the dilation of thermoelectric parts, also called bimetallic. The application of a relay is completely perfected in the various expansions that metals can have, in case they are exposed to a change in temperature.

The overload relays are applied in the protection process indirectly and in electrical equipment against possible overheating, as for example in motors and transformers. The high heating of an engine can be caused by several reasons, such as mechanical overload at the tip of its axis, higher starting time variation, blocked rotor, lack of one or more phases, and deviations in excess of network voltage and frequency , among other factors.

All terminals in the main circuit of the overload relays must be marked in the same way as the power terminals, of the contactors that have specific functions, such as the number of sequences, which must be nine and, in case there is a second sequence , it must be specified with the number zero.    reelcraft T-1225-04

In case of any of the mentioned factors, the increase of current or over current in the motor will need to be meticulously controlled in all phases by the overload relay.


The Service Factor

In accordance with current standards, when the service factor is applied, modifications may also occur in some of the peculiarities of the electric motor, such as power factor and efficiency. In this way, the starting torque, the maximum torque and the starting current can not be changed.

The service factor shows a reserve of power that the motor presents and that can be used in continuous regime, and this type of regime is also called S1 regime, according to national and international standards.    BK100X1

The power that can be achieved from the motor is the nominal power reported on the board multiplied by the service factor. A power motor of 5 kW and with a service factor of 1.15 can be used without interruption with 5 ⋅1.15 = 5.75 kW in continuous mode. When a service factor is not defined, it means that the engine has no power reserve.

When the power used corresponds effectively to the rated power multiplied by the service factor, a temperature increase of 100 ° C must be allowed in addition to the temperature limit of the insulation class of the motor.